Outstanding services and reliable products in aviation and in electronics manufacturing.

We are committed to the highest industry standards and we are unique in our innovative engineering services customized to the need of our customers. We serve military, private and public sectors to enhance safety, quality and satisfaction.


Providing different, engineering, logistics and organization consulting services. We have a specialized team with extensive experience in aircraft sourcing and outfitting for our VIP customers.

We also provide components repair services, and ITAR support.


Engineering Design Office and EMS services for high-end avionics and time-critical electronics. Our turn-key solution comes with a default certification scheme based on local and global regulations and industry standards.


We offer high-end patented Video Surveillance and Access Controls products and systems designed to meet the need of our customers most demanding application and in the harshest environment possible.


With our worldwide partners we have developed Off/On-Grid connected PV system where e provide solar panels, inverters, storage controls, power conditioning, and other Solar Energy related units. 

Our smart energy products and systems from digital metering (both electric and water) to smart building full automation capture, store, report and analyze data allowing complete awareness and full control.

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